Splash Production Tunes 2002-2003

Splash Production & Compaq music Compilation Federal & Gideon & Light of the World Riddims, Tunes For Capleton,Turbulence,Junior Kelly,Luciano,Anthony B,&More,Listen ,Enjoy & Leave a feed back .

Splash Production Documentary By Ashraf ( Ruff)

Check out this great video Splash -Ruff ( Ashraf) Produced as a Project Presenting Reggae,Jazz & Son -Salsa Cuban Music,with some of the Great artists,Musicians from all over Spain,Jamaica,Cuba,UK,With some Interviews & stages from the Good Old Days!!

Canaman,Capleton,Malijah in Jamaica

Check out this great video for Canaman,Capleton & Malijah coproduction in Jamaica with Splash Ruff & Coco,Brad,Fernando and Canaman good old days of 2003 Spain-Jamaica ..

Wise Man from Portland -Jamaica

Wise Man from Jamaica

From Far up in the Hills in Portland Jamaica ,The Special Talent Wise Man with a Message of Peace ,Love & No War..


Wise Man

WiseMan-People Get Sadden, a message from Port Antonio!! -2002

Wise Man - People Get Sadden a message from Port Antonio- Portland in Jamaica,Recorded at Tuff Gong Bob Marley studios in Jamaica by Ruff (Ashraf) -Splash & Mr Lick ....

Wise Man

Wise man from Jamaica -No War

Second Production for The Special Jamaican Talent Wiseman ,with Splash ( Ruff) ,Ashraf Met with Wise man in Portland -Jamaica & then Started to Go Tufff Gong Studio to Record his songs ,good old days of 2002!!

Delton Screechy Sweet Africa

Check out this great Tune from Delton Screechy from Jamaica -Sweet Africa,Splash ( Ruff) Back in the Days 2002worked with Delton on Distributing The Album in U.S & Europe,Delton is a legend from The Old School Reggae Music of Jamaica

Jimmy Riley Love Canticle Album

Love Canticle

Jimmy Have Done so Much Albums but This Love Canticle Specially went to Big Distribution in Florida & as well Europe -Germany where Jimmy Personally was working on it ,

Tunes Titles as:
Watch this Sound,Everliving Life,Amaze,Cant Stop Now,Whose Wisdom,Life is ,its all about Love & More 

we worked on Getting the Distribution deals in Germany & as well in Florida,was a Great Experience together in Jamaica the Good Old Days !! R.I.P My Good Old Friend...


Rhino & Detour

Back in 2002 in Jamaica working for some Tunes for New Talents

Rhino & Detour,The New Talents of Jamaica back in the Good Old Days,

Youth Struggle in the Ghetto ,getting out the Talents within DJ & Singing Positive Tunes & Message 

As Vegeterian,i am a Jamaican & more, Splash ( Ruff) within promoting some of the coming up talents of Jamaica ...


Rinozarus & Detour

Rino & Detour - Vegetarian 

Rinozarus ( Rino) - I Am A Jamaican

Rino - I am a Jamaican 

Israel Voice

Great Talent from the Hills of St Andrew -Jamaica

Splash worked on Production of some of the Tunes of Israel Voice ,a tent from St. Andrew Hills,

back in 2002 ,where the Young Generations have a Message to say ..


Israel Voice -Ethiopian Woman

Israel Voice -Ethiopian Woman

2002 Ruff ( Splash ) Met with Michael Motherseal(Israel Voice) in Jamaica 

in the Parish of St. Andrew Hills,They start put Tunes Together as you Listen !Let us Hear your Feed back,

Enjoy the Good Old Days Music & Young Talents of Sweet Jamaica 

Ras Houghton Dub Poet

The Dub Poet Ras Houghton a True Legend

Ras Houghton the Dub Poet of Jamaica ,The True legend, He Inspired so much artists,wrote songs for Legends & Inspired A lot the Marley's Family as he used to be always around Tuff Gong Studios,worked on a Great Album with him (Oil Owner), his Tunes was famous in the Good Old Days as Black Bombo,etc,,


Ras Houghton

Ras Houghton - Black Bombo

Ras Houghton -Na Get Rich Yet

Ras Houghton -Dem Na Get Rich yet

Ras Houghton Dem na Get Rich Yet ,song about the Slave master,

listen ,Enjoy & Leave your feed back..

Mikey Dread & Earl Sixteen

Check out this great video of Earl Sixteen & Mikey Dread ,Warrior Stylee,

in the Good Old Days Ruff ( Ashraf) Splash Met with Earl 16 in London U.K & then was Introduced to Mikey Dread  in Miami Florida by 16 For producing the Tunes with 16,and was a great Collaboration in this time 2002 ,more came after meeting The Dread at The Control Mikey Dread R.I.P and then been Introduced to Mykal Rose & Glen Washington&more Artists,within this Time Living in Florida...

Princess S

Princess S,Likkle Robert ( Blackman)& Joyko from Japan !

A Special Production of Tuff Gong Mr Lick (Keneth) for New Talents within the 2003- 2004 good old days in Jamaica ,Splash Produced a lot of Tunes in Tuff Gong & Anchor Studios & more within this Period of time,...


Princess S

Princess S old good days of Jamaica 2003 Production with Her & Likkle Robert -Black Man & Joyko ( From Japan) ,Listen Enjoy ..

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